Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ziro Valley through my lens

View of Lali Gyochi or Nyime Pembo from Kot near Diib of Hari (5.57AM, 23/11/11)

View Towards VKV Ziro from Piige (photo taken on 16/06/11)

View from Ziro Putu (photo taken on 16/06/11)

View from Dusu Katu towards Hong village and Hapoli town (photo taken on 07/01/11)

View towards Bulla and Tajang from Ziro Putu (Photo:27/03/11)

View towards Hari from Dip of Mudang-Tage (Photo:22/05/11)

View towards Hong from Dolo Mando (Photo:17/12/10)

View of Hapoli township (Photo:30/04/11 at 5.15pm)

View from Govt. Secondary School, Hari (Photo:22/03/11)