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Konchi or Gonchi (Dragonfly)

My beautiful Ziro valley is gifted with lots of flora and fauna which has been safely guarded by the Tanii. Tanii live in close coordination with nature. Among those fauna, Konchi (Dragonfly) is the one which has been mesmerizing the Tanii especially to the children. Well, some varieties of Konchi did supplemented our diet in those days, I don’t know what the nutrition content might have been; But it must have supplemented the present days mineral/vitamin tablets. It was another pleasant moment to look for those Konchi with camera in place of Payu (Local Adhesive or Sticky Gum) or Bielo or Spider Web of those days. Some shot which I could capture through my lens reminded me of those nostalgic days.
Larva of Lyapu or Apu Konchi
The larva of Lyapu or Apu Konchi is called Siinyi Tasing; The approximate size of the Siinyi Tasing is about 1cm to 1.5cm. The life of Konchi begin here.
Tasing (Siinyi Tasing)

The larva of Lanchan, Dui, Byago Takho, Siibi Konchi is called Sienta Tasing. larger than Siinyi Tasing.

The Larva of Kiile Khore and Apang Kemang is called Siimbo Tasing.

Birth of Lyapu or Apu Konchi

The birth of Lyapu Konchi.

Lyapu Konchi
Lyapu Konchi is one of most common Konchi found along the irrigation channel/Siigangand mostly in paddy field; This Konchi may be one of most delicate Konchi whose wing is compare for its delicacy in the valley.

Lancha Konchi (Chilli Dragonfly)

This yellowish colour Konchi is another Konchi commonly found in valley. This might be female as Konchi  was found mating with Byago Takho.

Byago Takho
Simbyo Konchi
I remember Simbyo Konchi was contender in term of strength with Dui Konchi… We would tie thread on tails of both and then let them fly; Although it was harsh but as children, the word ‘harsh’ was absent in our mind.
Dui Konchi(Hari, Tajang) or Kiimer Repo (Hija)
The size of this Konchi is of 2cm. Author may be, please helped in identification of its local name.
The size of this Konchi was around 2-3cm.This might be Itu Payu… please help.
Itu Payu
Itu Payu is of approximate size of 2-3cm, when catched with Payu, this Konchi eats up Payu  in attempt to free themselves.                                                                                                        This Konchi is blues in colour like Byago Takho but smaller in size in compare to Byago Takho and it has white spot in its wing and larger than Itu Konchi. (help in its name please)
Kiile Khore (Greenskimmer)
Kiile Khore is one of largest size Konchi found in Ziro valley; This Konchi is always on move along the Siigang. When in rest they would be perched in tall trees.
Apang Kemang or Emperor Dragonfly

We thought it as the mightiest Konchi and it also was always on move, hovering along Siigang and Aji (Paddy Field).
Some more Konchi which I could shot from Ziro valley but name of some could not be identified.

Siibi Konchi

Mubu Konchi

Zinzing Tayin
Halyang Konchi or Damselfly

Although there was more Konchi which I could not see them as on date, might be they would be hatch in June or July and I hope I can catch them in my camera. Name of SomeKonchi which I remember were, 1. Sibi Konchi:- The size was that of Byago Takho and Yellowish in colour. 2. Zinzing Tayin Tayeng. 3. Halyang Konchi (Damselfly). 4. Itu Konchi.
The name of Konchi is as per Hari version and name could be vary from village to village; So the variant name may be notified for addition or correction please.

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